I design

to make the natural and human-made world a better place for the future.

Examples of my work

UX Design

Service Design


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I created a Miro template for Las Vegas Retrospective so you can try it with your team too.

Portfolio of enterprise design

More than five years experience in complex cloud software

  • B2B eCommerce Management
  • B2B Personalization
  • Project Management
  • Time Tracking

Implemented design thinking in development driven environments

  • Continuous advocacy for design as the team effort
  • Clear communication of design work in written and oral form
  • Consciously disrupting scrum ceremonies
Design Community

Public speaker

Brain-Connected Devices – The Design Opportunity

Talk inspired by a book Transition Point and by my interest in Brain-Computer Interaction. Presented online at UX Camp Berlin 2020.

Affordance in Examples

I entertained audiences by explaining affordance at

  • University ESIEE Paris
  • Conference UX Camp Europe Berlin
  • Oracle NetSuite Barcelona Development Hub
  • Public events in Czechia


Human Computer Interaction teacher

I used to give weekly Human Computer Interaction lectures to students of Masaryk University. It was amazing to observe how students changed their perspective to a user interface and how some of them mastered the craft of telling the story behind. I miss teaching.

Art projects

The Switch

Collection of three acrylic paintings created in collaboration with my brother Michal Augustini in December 2019. It is important in this busy world to know when to Switch On and Switch Off while the technology around is in Stand By.


I made a followup artwork as a collection of eleven screen print posters. Learn more in a dossier.

Feel The Device

I am presenting exhibition that puts in contrast digital behaviour and the reality. The impact technology has on humanity. Pictures go backwards in creative process. Through the millimetre perfect screen prints and the prototypes to the initial sketch.

Dossier in English (Spanish)